Beginner Sled

Our Beginner Sled is just what the name implies, a great sled for the musher just starting out.

Because of the distance from the rear end of the runner to the rear stanchion we recommend using 2 to 6 dogs with this sled.

The Beginner Sled comes with ¾ length basket, screw-on runner plastic, bar brake with steel angle claws, bridle and Molded Footboards. Also included are UHMW toprails, handle and round brushbow.

Optional upgrades include QCR runner plastic, V-shaped UHMW brushbow and welded brakeclaws with replaceable tips.

Beginner Sled Specifications

  • Runner length – 75”
  • Bed length – 38” (32” basket slats) 
  • Handle height – 36-37” 
  • Sled width – 20½”
  • Price – $495.00

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