Five-foot Sled

If you plan on hauling more weight or are planning to be on the trail for a few days you may need more basket space than the Training Sled. In that case, the Five Foot Sled is an excellent trail sled that can be used for camping or hunting.

When Joanne and I participated in the Serum Run a few years ago this is the sled that we took for the run from Fairbanks to Nome.

The sled comes standard with a full length basket with laminated slats, QCR runner system on laminated runners, bar brake featuring welded brakeclaws with replaceable tips, V-shaped UHMW brushbow and Molded Footboards. Also features UHMW handle and toprails.

Optional upgrade includes stainless steel brakeclaws with replaceable double carbide tips.

Five Foot Sled Specifications

  • Runner length – 98”
  • Bed length – 60” 
  • Handle height – 36-37” 
  • Sled width – 20½”
  • Price – $975.00

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