Trainer Sled

Our Trainer Sled is one of my all-time favorites to drive and build. This is a traditional style 4' basket sled that can both haul some weight and when empty is a nimble sled that won't embarrass you in a race. Great for running a trapline or daily training for your race team.

Built to handle 4 to 16 dogs this is a sturdy sled that will provide years of mushing fun.

The Trainer comes standard with a full-length basket with laminated slats, QCR runner system on laminated runners, bar brake featuring welded brakeclaws with replaceable tips, V-shaped UHMW brushbow and Molded Footboards. Also features UHMW handle and toprails.

Optional upgrade includes stainless steel brakeclaws with replaceable double carbide tips.

Trainer Sled Specifications

  • Runner length – 90”
  • Bed length – 48” 
  • Handle height – 36-37” 
  • Sled width – 20½”
  • Price – $850.00

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