Laughing Husky Dog Sleds

Dave Klumb mushing one of his sleds


Hello and thanks for dropping by. You're visiting the online home of Laughing Husky Dog Sleds, the premier builder of hand-crafted dog sleds for all your mushing needs.

In the dog sled building business since 1991, we are one of the largest sled manufacturers in the world, building close to 100 new sleds a year along with lots of runners and other sled parts. We have customers ranging all the way from 3-year old beginners to Iditarod and Yukon Quest champions.

Jeff King using Freight Sled

Our product line reflects the entire spectrum of basket and toboggan sleds and custom orders are always welcome.

We pride ourselves in the high level of quality and care put into each sled and use the best materials that have proven themselves in the Alaska wilderness for over twenty years.

Please take your time, browse around, and be sure to ask us if you have any questions!

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