The Sled Builders

David KlumbI'm David Klumb and I came to Alaska in 1979 and was introduced to mushing almost as soon as I arrived. In 1980 I built my first dogsled, a four-foot basket sled made from hickory. Each year throughout the 1980’s I built an increasing number of sleds, culminating in 1991 when I started Laughing Husky Enterprises along with my wife, Joanne.

Since then we have become one of the largest sled manufacturers in the world, building close to 100 new sleds a year along with lots of runners and other sled parts. Our customer list spans 3-year old beginners to Iditarod and Yukon Quest champions. Our product line reflects the entire spectrum of dogsleds and we pride ourselves in the high level of quality and care put into every sled.

We spend a lot of time outdoors enjoying the beautiful State that we live so contacting me on occasion can be difficult. You will not find us on Facebook or any other social media site because we are way too busy to be sitting at a computer or staring at a phone. I don’t tweet but I have been known to toot.

Leave a message on my telephone and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Emails are a good way to contact us and if all the little pieces in this system work we can even contact you back. We are starting to build fewer sleds in the winter due to standing on the runners too much.

Contact us early in the season for the best choice of due date. The later the season gets the more limited my production options become.

- "Mush!" -

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