Toboggan Sleds

Laughing Husky builds a variety of toboggan sleds for various uses.

We build our toboggans with an aluminum X-brace between the rear stanchions which makes our sleds very rigid and ideal for hauling heavy loads. These toboggans have crossed the finish line for both the Iditarod and Yukon Quest and have seen hard duty hauling people and cargo across the Arctic.

We utilize two different curves for our toboggan sleds. A tighter and shorter curve is featured on the 4', 5' and 6' models. On the Standard, Long and Extra-long models the runner has a longer, gentler arc.

The difference in the slope affects two areas of mushing, cargo-carrying capacity and smoothness of the ride. The tighter arc gives the musher more room to carry cargo flat on the bed while it also makes for a slightly rougher ride. The longer arc provides for a smoother ride but can also limit the flat placement of long cargo items.

If you are planning on hauling cargo (or passengers) the rule of thumb is to order a toboggan two feet longer than the length of the items being carried.

A Note On Drags - I do not install drags as a standard item due to individual preferences for different styles. Prices for drags generally run from $55 to $125, depending on style.

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